As it is hard for independent bands to find and get clear info about setting up a career we offer a consultancy as well for bands to help them out with setting up their organisation and help them with funding several projects.


We help organisations and bands with funding on the following:

  • Belgium
    • Vlaams Kunstendecreet
      • Projectsubsidies
      • Structurele subsidies
      • Tussenkomst in Buitenlands publiek presentatiemoment
      • kortlopende beurzen
      • langlopende beurzen
    • Vlaams Jongerendecreet
    • SABAM beurzen
    • CFWB dossiers
    • Koning Boudewijnstichting
    • Private/ Corporate sponsorships (festivals, bands…)


  • The Netherlands
    • Upstream Grants
    • FPK reissubsidie snelloket
    • Fonds Podiumkunsten
    • Sena Performers Muziekproductiefonds
    • Fondsenwerving online
    • Dutch Music Export


  • Iceland
    • UTON Travel Grant
    • STEF. Travel Grant
    • UTON Marketing Grant
    • STEF. Marketing Grant
    • RANNIS Recording Grant


  • Germany
    • WOA FOUNDATION (only for Metal Bands)